Having trouble accessing certain areas of Followup CRM? You may need to change your security levels.

In this article, you'll learn about the different security levels available and how to adjust the security level for any member of your team.

There are four different types of security levels: Staff, manager, senior manager, and admin. Each level grants different permissions to the assigned user. Here are the permissions available for each level:


• Visibility into personal reports + files (files assigned to them)

• Can’t export into Excel

• No access backend of system


• Can see who reports to who

• Full visibility into individual reports

• Can’t export into Excel

Sr. Manager

• Full visibility into the sales side of system

• Can export into Excel

• No access to backend of system


• Full access into entire system

• Can export all reports

• Can change user's security level

* Note: In order to receive accountability alerts, managers need to be assigned to every user.

To change a users security level, start by selecting your name and then click company settings.

Start by selecting your name and then click company settings.

Then select the people tab.

Select the gear icon next to the team member whose security level you’d like to change.

Select a security level from the dropdown that’s next to the role field.

Click update.

Now your team member has an updated security level!

We recommend considering each team member's title and assigning the appropriate level of permissions for them. For example, keep in mind that admins have full access to the system and have liberty to make changes to the system and change settings for other users. There should be at least 2 admins assigned for each company. This way, there is always a user available to access all areas of the system. Consider assigning the Senior Manager role to users with titles like VP or anyone who needs a birds eye view of the company but doesn’t necessarily need to execute a ton of administrative work.

We hope this helps you choose the best security levels for each of your team members and makes your user experience that much easier!

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