If you want to learn how to make a change order, just follow the steps below:

  1. First, you need to click on start a new project:

2. We have a touch file project and as you can see, we have already pre-populated the information and then we click on save.

3. On the right-hand corner you will be able to see a little arrow that goes down and you need to click on it:

4. Then you need to click on Copy as Related File because we want it to be linked to the initial project, and then we are going to separate it out and It's going to make a copy for us.

5. From the copied file, we will update the project name, and the sales status to the contract because this is already in the contract rate.

6. Once you copied all the information, scroll down to the bottom and you will be able to see the change order project, and if you go to the initial project, you're going to see that this change order is attached to it.

So that's how people are doing it. Then they can see the portion of change orders in their closing ratio, and they can separate those out if they do that by contract type.

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