We are going to show you a new feature to quickly update projects within the system.

So here you can see, we have a new grid, like feature. This allows us to click on the field that we want to update without going into the project:

So let's say this file right here, advanced integration technologies. I bid a project to them. I can come in here and say, you know, this job was $5,000 and that's it.

The project has been updated and you can move on to the next one:

Now, if I click into the project by clicking on the project name, you'll see the base bid has been automatically updated. So that's how you quickly update a project, right from your dashboard:

This also works on the project tab as well.

And you can see, if you need to update the status of a job, you can come in and click on that project and update it right within the projects field:

Without having to click into the project, happy selling.

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